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 Alias : Will Tippin:  BTVS : Harmony Kendall:  BTVS : Jenny:  Carnivàle : Ben Hawkins:  Carnivàle : Sofie:  Cold Case : Lilly Rush:  Dollhouse: Adelle DeWitt:  Dollhouse: Dr. Saunders/Whiskey:  Dollhouse: Sierra:  Dollhouse: Topher Brink:  Dollhouse: Victor:  Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog : Penny:  Farscape : Moya:  Farscape : Pilot:  Friday Night Lights : Landry Clarke:  Friday Night Lights : Tyra Collette:  Gilmore Girls : Lane:  Gilmore Girls : Madeline Lynn:  Oz : Beecher:  Oz : Keller:  Pretender, The : Miss Parker:  Pride & Prejudice : Charles Bingley:  Pride & Prejudice : [+] Bennet Sisters:  Pushing Daisies : Ned:  Pushing Daisies : Olive Snook:  Pushing Daisies: Charlotte 'Chuck' Charles:  Roswell : Alex Whitman:  Roswell : Maria DeLuca:  Roswell : Maria Deluca:  Sons of Anarchy: Gemma Teller Morrow:  Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Cameron Phillips:  torchwood : Owen Harper:  torchwood : Toshiko Sato:  Veronica Mars : Dick Casablancas:  Veronica Mars : Keith Mars:  Veronica Mars : Lilly Kane:  Veronica Mars : Mac:  West Wing, The : All Characters:  Wonderfalls: Jaye Tyler:

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