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 Oasis : Wonderwall:  Perishers, The : Sway:  Phantom Planet : California:  Placebo : Centrefolds:  Placebo : Every You Every Me:  Placebo : Meds:  Placebo : Protect Me From What I Want:  Placebo : The Bitter End:  Queen : Bohemian Rhapsody:  Queen : Crazy Little Thing Called Love:  Queen : Innuendo:  Queen : The Show Must Go On:  Queen : We Are The Champions:  R.E.M. : Everybody Hurts:  Radiohead : Street Spirit (fade out):  Rasputina : Transylvanian Concubine:  Shins, The : Caring is Creepy:  Shins, The : New Slang:  Simon & Garfunkel : The Sound Of Silence:  Snow Patrol : Run:  Snow Patrol: Chasing Cars:  Snow Patrol: Make This Go On Forever:  Something Happens : Momentary Thing:  Strokes, The : Juicebox:  Strokes, The : Last Nite:  U2 : Beautiful Day:  U2 : City Of Blinding Lights:  U2 : Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me:  U2 : One:  U2 : Sunday Bloody Sunday:  U2 : Where the Streets Have No Name:  Verve, The : Bittersweet Symphony:

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