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 Beatles : Eleanor Rigby:  Bif Naked : Lucky:  Blur : Song 2:  Coldplay : Trouble:  Cranberries : Animal Instinct:  Cranberries : Linger:  Cranberries : When You're Gone:  Cranberries : Zombie:  Evanescence : Bring Me To Life:  Evanescence : Lacrymosa:  Evanescence : My Immortal:  Evanescence: Going Under:  Evanescence: Tourniquet:  Fall Out Boy : Dance, Dance:  Fall Out Boy : Sugar We're Going Down:  Fool's Garden : Lemon Tree:  Franz Ferdinand : Dark of the Matinee:  Franz Ferdinand : Take Me Out:  Franz Ferdinand :Eleanor put your boots on:  Frou Frou : Let Go:  Garbage : Fix Me Now:  Garbage : I Think I'm Paranoid:  Garbage : Run Baby Run:  Green Day : Boulevard of Broken Dreams:  K's Choice : Virgin State of Mind:  Killers, the : Mr. Brightside:  Linkin Park : Numb:  Metallica : Nothing Else Matters:  Muse : Bliss:  Muse : Butterflies and Hurricanes:  Muse : Cave:  Muse : Citizen Erased:  Muse : City of Delusion:  Muse : Hyper Music:  Muse : Hysteria:  Muse : Knights of Cydonia:  Muse : Map of the Problematique:  Muse : Map of Your Head:  Muse : Micro Cuts:  Muse : Plug in Baby:  Muse : Screenager:  Muse : Showbiz:  Muse : Space Dementia:  Muse : Stockholm Syndrome:  Muse : Sunburn:  Muse : Supermassive Black Hole:  Muse : Time is running out:

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